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Orange Baited Gate :

: Staring straight down Main Street Now Just take the first hard right.

Oil painting by Emil Gatone

Title : An Orange Baited Gate
Oil on stretched canvas
Size : 37.5" x 53.5"
By : Emil Gatone


An Orange baited gate, I am Know Intune with the Frozen work frogs, and, No Doubt Another Over ripe Orange slice. all three of these oil paintings  are curently being shown by oppointment only at my working gallery. They Are all part of a subserious of oil paintings that branch out from a of series entitled, Other Peoples Scary Places. Part of witch is currently on display and is being shown by inventation or oppointemnt only in my studio Magoos Monkey Zoo. For more information on viewing any of my work contact me at EmilGatone@gmail.com

Title : I Am Now in Tune with the Frozen Work Frog

Oil on stretched canvas

Size : 11" x 14"

By : Emil Gatone 



Title : No Doubt Another Over Ripe Orange Slice

Oil on stretched canvas

Size : 8" x 10 "

By : Emil Gaton

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